Our Property1Group journey has been smooth and hassle free

Gautham Damireddy , 26 Apr 2021

We are in the middle of the construction stage. Our Property1Group journey has been smooth and hassle free from the start to now and we couldn't be more happy with how our complete process has been managed. Neha from Property1Group started our journey from the start, finding a block of land with specific requirements (was not that easy during pandemic) later joined by Chandan has worked tirelessly and with lot of patience to help us secure the house and land package in the given timeframe we had. Sushil who is director of property1group also helped us a lot in understanding our requirement and budget and putting together tender and finalising the whole contracting process. As a team, they have helped us tirelessly to ensure we get our requirements fulfilled and have smooth transition towards our construction stage. We are extremely happy with how they all worked as a team and handled our process. We now look forward to finalising our new home construction stage and if it is as professional as the pre-construction stage we will be very happy Property1Group customer.